Top 5 negative impacts on a home sale

Let’s enlist the top 5 impacts that can negatively affect your home sale and which you can make better with a little bit of effort and precaution. We are aware that there are tons of outside factors which you you do not have power to change but once you make sure you did your best at your end, you can get the best price for your home that’s sometimes even higher than you hoped for. So, let’s see what to avoid and how to avoid these.

Clutter all over the place

We easily get used to our own clutter yet we feel slightly embarassed when seeing other people’s clutter. This all leads to the base conclusion: you ought to declutter well ensuring your home is on its very best potential aesthetically , freeing up as much of storage space as possible in the same time. There are tons of effective ways to declutter, but most importantly you need some dedication, time and pre-planning. There are five key categories of clutter:

The clutter which has been forgotten but should be gotten rid of

The clutter you may actually use in the future

You need to put all these in separate boxes, get rid of all the things you really don’t need ( or give them to charity) as for those which you don’t want to completely lose, find them a good storage place, possibly outside of your home, so this way they are gone but not lost.

Dirt including dirty walls, tiling and furniture

Just like it is with clutter, when its about our place we are more than keen to overlook all the dirt around us. While most of the dirt get built up gradually, without you even realising it, you can be sure others will do. Just try and clean all what you can and if you feel the task surpasses your energy or expertise call in a professional team to do it for you. Get rid of overused, crumbling furniture.

Too many personal stuff, too personal interiors

When it comes to selling its better to pack the more personal things away. This means all the family photos hanging around, most pictures, sculptures and personalized stuff that reflects your own personality but adds no aesthetic value to the interiors.

Unkept additional areas

You need to pay special attention in clearing out all the additional areas of your home, including the basement, garden, yard, entrance door area, balcony, terrace or patio including garage and shed.

Bad looking kitchen and bathroom

There are two key areas which are the first on everyone’s priority list: the kitchen and the bathroom areas. So if you want to invest a bit of money anywhere before selling make to to be these two areas.

We hope we could help you with all these advice. Remember, you should never invest tons of money, if a home is clean, clutter free and everything is looking clean and tidy, even when used it will surely have a positive impact on the selling price.