Your Local Library

Public libraries have been connecting and empowering the Scottish people and our communities for generations. Access to information and reading has always been an important part of what they do, and they still lend millions of items a year.

But libraries have also moved with the times and use technology to deliver new services in different ways. All over Scotland, libraries are now fully equipped with hi-tech learning centres. Many libraries also offer free wifi access.

Most library websites let you look for books, request items or renew existing loans online, offering a better fit with today’s busy lifestyles. Libraries also offer free access to a range of electronic information services, such as online versions of encyclopaedias and newspaper archives, which you would normally have to pay to use on the web.

Libraries have changed the way they do things but our purpose remains the same: to educate, entertain and enlighten our users.

Why not pay a visit today and rediscover what your library can offer you?

Did you know?

  • Scottish Libraries have over 28.5 million visitors a year – an increase of 3.5% on 10 years ago.
  • Over 1 million people, i.e. 21% of Scots, borrow books each year.
  • Libraries have half a million large print items and 300,000 audio books for those who need extra help to enjoy reading.
  • Virtual visits to online library services have increased by 24% in 12 months to nearly 13 million.
  • Libraries offered 8.5 million hours of free internet access.
  • Nearly 5 million log-ins were recorded on library computers last year.
  • 11% of the population use learning centres within libraries.
  • Libraries cost each Scot 6 pence per day.
  • 13 million is spent annually on books and materials.
  • Libraries lend 25 million books from 554 community libraries and 82 mobiles.
  • Over 1.2 million books are bought by Scottish libraries every year, an increase of 8.5% on 10 years ago.
  • 60% of Scots visit a library every year.
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